Glyn Hannah

Search, IEDD and EOD Instructor

Glyn brings to ISSEE variety and a wealth of experience after a 25-year career spent within Search, IEDD and Conventional Munition Disposal. 

Operationally Glyn has conducted and led a number of high-profile Defensive Search operations in the UK providing High Assurance Search for VIPs and Royalty alike. His Offensive Search roles have seen him deploy to Northern Ireland as a Searcher, and Afghanistan as a Royal Engineer Search Advisor, where he led a team in finding and clearing IEDs as part of the UKs operations in Helmand Province. 

His Bomb Disposal responsibilities have seen him conduct a broad range of roles from the safe disposal of German Air Dropped Bombs in the UK to minefield recovery incidents in the Balkans and the duties of a Bomb Disposal Officer in Iraq. 

He has also held a number of key training roles including that of instructor at the British Army’s IEDD School and he finished his military career as the senior soldier instructor at the British Army’s Search School.