Tony Dedman GM

Senior Explosives Instructor

Tony was awarded the George Medal and a Mention in Dispatches for his service in Northern Ireland, where he dealt with hundreds of improvised explosive devices and booby-traps: on more than one occasion whilst under direct attack. He went on to serve for 25 years as an Ammunition Technician, seeing service in Bahrain, Oman, Belize, Cyprus and the Falkland Islands.

Upon leaving the Army, Tony was appointed Principal Professional Technology Officer with the Anti Terrorist Branch of the Metropolitan Police in Central London and had a critical role in the fight against crime and terrorism, during which he rendered safe a variety of explosive devices aimed at domestic and foreign targets. In 2009 and 2010 Tony instructed and mentored EOD & IEDD Operators for both the ANA and ANP at the EOD School at Muzar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan.