Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy Update

Submitted by Tanni Hambidge on Wednesday, 15th June 2022

We recently updated our anti-bribery and corruption policy to ensure that we meet our legal obligations in respect of anti-bribery and corruption regulations. Bribery and corruption can distort reputation, increase the cost of doing business and damage customer trust. 

We apply a common approach towards bribery & corruption, which is one of zero-tolerance; such that any breach by our staff will render them liable to dismissal, ceasing to provide services or solutions to customer when they have been based or sustained through bribery or corruption, and assisting relevant authorities to investigate the matter.

As part of our policy update all ISSEE employees have undertaken internal training to ensure that they are vigilant in preventing any activity that could be in breach of this policy. To remain diligent in our approach to these matters, we will regularly review the anti-bribery and corruption policy and conduct refresher staff training.

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