Logistic Management

ISSEE offers students from military, police and civil agencies the opportunity to study for qualifications in Logistic Management with a range of courses aligned to UK MOD standards.

Drawing on the lessons identified in over 50 years of operationally focused military logistic experience, ISSEE is pleased to offer bespoke training solutions to both military and commercial partners.  Whether it is basic warehouse management or more complex logistic operational design ISSEE draws on former military instructors who passionately believe in achieving desired outcomes consistently going the extra mile to ensure students' understanding. 

Operational Logistics

ISSEE recognises the importance of operational design in successful logistic outcomes. Our Advanced Logistic Courses progress from junior management training, including logistic planning process, distribution planning, stock control and provisioning. Leadership training is incorporated throughout so that on successful conclusion junior managers will be able to take the operational task and turn it into effective tactical delivery.

The Director Level Advanced Logistic course is designed for senior managers (Lieutenant Colonel and above) to teach operational logistic planning. The course covers principles, the supply chain network from industry through to front-line, logistic command and control, logistic planning tools and the logistic estimate to contribute to the operational planning process. Students successfully completing the course will throughout be ready for senior appointments on the staff or logistic unit command appointments.  

Technical Logistics

ISSEE is pleased to offer a progression of three Logistic Specialist courses (levels 1-3) designed to take individuals from a basic warehouse operator, through supervisor to manager.  The courses will allow individuals to understand the requirements of managing general stores, technical stores and combat supplies to an increasingly complex level.