Counter Terrorism Training

Leading public safety and counter terrorism training.

While the police can explain the threats and risks to different sectors, individual companies are best placed to train staff on the precise action to take to enhance their security – and how to respond if the worst happens.

Individual organisations have vital protective security information such as building layouts, security equipment and safety procedures. They have the local knowledge that could be vital to keeping staff and the public safe. ISSEE provide counter-terrorism training and consultancy, to assist in the development of training needs, to a range of organisations, including:

  • The public sector
  • Transportation industry – aviation, rail and other transport hubs
  • Leisure and retail – including shopping centres, hotels, stadia and tourist attractions
  • Banking and other businesses who operate in a central business district

Counter Terror Training

Our Recognition of Firearms and Explosives (RFX) Course has been specificaly developed for aviation and transport security professionals.

We work directly with end users and with third-party security services providers. Training courses can be tailored toward individual client requirements, but generally include the following:

  • Recognition of Firearms and Explosives (RFX)
  • Threat Recognition Training
  • Counter Terrorism Search Training
  • Emergency Management Training
  • First Responder Training
  • Counter Terrorism Response and Simulation
  • Take a look at our standard Public Security and Counter-Terrorism training courses at the end of this page, or contact us and we’ll call you back to discuss your organisation’s requirements.

The Terrorist does not choose to strike at the well defended and tightly secured facilities, places which are increasingly secured, patrolled and monitored by commercial security organisations. But what counter-terrorism training do these staff have to protect your business, the public and your assets?

  • Your staff are likely trained to screen access, administer first aid and control fire evacuations, but what of a terrorist attack?
  • What actions should they take when faced with a ‘suspicious package’?
  • How much risk is being taken by public areas and commercial business by not having specific anti-terror plans in place – and rehearsed?

Counter Terror Awareness Training

ISSEE regularly host counter terrorism briefing days designed to introduce the latest research, practice and training methodologies to security managers, including those responsible for high-profile targets like arenas, sports stadia and concert venues.

Preparations and precautions need not be onerous or expensive. Formal training in the recognition of firearms and explosives; actions to take on discovering a suspicious package in the mail room or in the lobby area; setting and coordinating evacuation plans and liaison with the emergency services can all be achieved in a relatively short training period.

From this formal training line-managers and security officers can deliver bespoke briefings and direction to their own business staff at their own place of work, so cutting down on the time spent at a training venue. ISSEE can assist with the development of these in-house training packages.

At ISSEE, we can counter-terrorism awareness days or a fully immersive training experience ideally suitable for security managers and teams who work to secure crowded places. Courses are designed to meet customer requirements and can be delivered at our own specialist residential facility in Oxfordshire or at your premises.

We have an extensive track record in UK public and private security, helping you to meet your responsibilities for a Duty of Care to employees and customers. We are an internationally recognised provider of Counter Terrorism Training.