Recognition of Firearms and Explosives (RFX) Awareness Day, or 2-Day course with expanded syllabus.
RFX Training Providers

Recognition of Firearms and Explosives - RFX

Misuse of Explosives or Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are becoming a regular feature of daily living in many parts of the world for all personnel employed in the Security Sector and Emergency Services.

ISSEE's 1-day RFX awareness course is designed to raise the awareness levels of Explosives & IEDs and their effects and provides guidance for setting up cordons, understanding evacuation distances and liaison with Emergency Services to ensure the safety of others. The course includes a live explosives demonstration.

Our 2-day RFX training course is designed to meet all current requirements and includes he recognition of firearms and components as well as explosives. The course is also recommended for Emergency Services workers who may be called to incidents where firearms or explosives are found or suspected and where they need to have a greater understanding of the role of other services. It will also introduce Post Blast procedures and forensics.

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