Provides the key foundation skills for personnel engaged in the live firing of munitions and the use of explosive materials up to Managerial Level.
An explosion demonstration on a course at ISSEE

Firing Officers Course - FOC

This course is designed to provide the student with the understanding required to handle and use Explosives Substances & Articles (ESA) safely and to be able to recognise and deal with situations and incidents involving munitions, including Land Service Ammunition and Guided Weapons during the course of trials and other firing range practices.

It further provides them with an understanding of the safe storage and transportation of munitions and explosives. Personnel with little or no formal knowledge of explosives and other more experienced explosives workers who may want to formalise their vocational qualifications and experience through an academic award are also suitable to attend this course.

This course has been specifically constructed to meet competency standards and UK National Occupational Standards (NOS).

For full content and NOS, please request the course data sheet below.