Provides the skills and knowledge to understand the responsibilities of the role of EOD supervisor.
An EOD supervisor engaged in Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training

Explosive Ordnance Disposal - Level 3 - EOD3

This 15-day course is for EOD Operators who have formally completed a recognised EOD 2 course of instruction and who have then gained at least 18 months experience working in the field of EOD or have been recommended by a competent authority.

This course has been specifically constructed to meet not only the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS/UNMAS), but also the European Union EOD competency standards. On completion of this course the student will be able to supervise and manage the explosives clearance of remediation sites as well as other EOD related operational activities.

EOD3 takes individuals to Supervisor level by building on the training of the EOD Level 2 course and their subsequent operating experience who want to formalise their vocational qualifications and experience through an academic award in the Humanitarian De-mining field.

Designed for government agencies who want to formalise their staff qualifications for competency and duty of care purposes.

  • NGOs – involved in EOD related activities.
  • UN staff involved in Humanitarian activities.
  • Military personnel – serving and retired
  • Law Enforcement – serving and retired

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This course is endorsed by the Institute of Explosives Engineers (IExpE).

Institute of Explosives Engineers (IExpE)