Consultancy Services

ISSEE has a strong history of working with nations, commercial and public organisations to identify, generate and deliver counter-terrorism solutions to maximise security and reduce risk.


ISSEE contributes to the national and international security sector by promoting dialogue, and providing specialist consultancy services and capability-development training based on the UK’s extensive experience of counter terrorism operations and providing Homeland Security.

We have a long history of working with commercial, national and public organisations to identify, generate and deliver solutions to meet their security requirements. Specifically, we focus on 6 primary areas:

  • Design and delivery of security solutions, including training, to promote safe operation and management of public areas, transportation and other public facilities in an era of increased threat from terrorism
  • Design and development of Counter Terrorist Explosives Training Centres to create national capability in the fight against terrorism
  • Blast Prevention and Mitigation, through either building design or retro fitting and the implementation of contingency plans and robust Evacuation and Search processes, to minimise the probability of attack or the potential damage to people, property or business continuity
  • The management of international remediation projects and design of specialist explosives storage facilities
  • The design, implementation and audit of in company or project Explosives Management Systems to ensure safe working practices
  • The design, implementation and audit of the Systems Approach to Solutions to determine operational and training needs and ensure that job holders have the appropriate competencies for their respective roles
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