Explosives Safety Management

Our students stem from a wide variety of operational backgrounds, and fulfil many different roles ranging from Humanitarian De-mining and Bomb Disposal through to Commercial Manufacture, Safety Inspectors and Explosive Storage & Transport operators. 

All ISSEE Explosives Safety Management training courses in this field are taught to UK National Occupation Standards. Our popular Explosives Foundation Course introduces the delegate to handling and using explosives confidently and competently, including making up ring mains and line detonation systems.

Organisations engaged in the Explosives Sector are required by law to satisfy the requirements of Explosives Regulations 2014 (ER 2014) or DSA 03 - OME. These regulations call for the demonstration of an individuals training and competency demonstrated against National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Explosives Substances & Articles (ESA).

All employers have a legal Duty of Care to workers, managers and shareholders alike. All our explosives training courses are delivered to UK National Occupational Standards, which we can align to your training/competency matrix - demonstrating comprehensive fulfilment of your duty of care requirement.

Our 5-day Explosives Storage Management Course introduces students to the basic requirements for storing Explosives, Substances & Articles (ESA) in accordance with statutory legislation and is appropriate for experienced explosives workers who need to formalise their vocational qualifications through an academic award.

Successful students are offered a one-year student membership of the IExpE; a vehicle to record continuous professional development (CPD) and a stepping stone towards professional Chartered Engineer status. Training can take place at our bespoke facilities in Oxfordshire or on-site.

Take a look at our standard Explosives Safety Management training courses below, or Contact Us and we’ll call you back to discuss your organisation’s requirements. All courses are aligned to UK National Occupational Standards (NOS).