Military Level Training

ISSEE has a long association of working with the UK Ministry of Defence in the training of overseas military organisations.  

We offer three military-standard courses that directly reflect the content, detail and practice of the Ministry of Defence training schools.

ISSEE has bespoke training facilities, which are unique in the commercial sector and provide for the simulation of most security and counter-terrorism scenarios. We have access to a variety of terrains, a number of specially adapted buildings, expansive training, conference and office facilities and integrated accommodation for our students.

Training can also take place in-country – we recently delivered a training course for NATO in Jordan.

ISSEE’s military standard courses include our flagship and much sought after International Ammunition Technician Course. The 24-week programme, delivered by accomplished ex-British Army Ammunition Technicians, reflects the UK MOD training course but has been upgraded to meet the exacting requirements of the UK National Occupational Standards for Explosives and Search occupations. Successful students will qualify for certificates, a diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Explosives and Munitions Operations.