Bruneian Ammunition Technician Graduation

Submitted by Tanni Hambidge on Friday, 24th June 2022
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Last week, we held a graduation ceremony for students from the Bruneian Armed Forces who successfully graduated from our International Ammunition Technician Course.  The students have now qualified as Ammunition Technicians and their certificates were presented to them by our chairman, Paul Sandford and Lt Kol Mahd Hairy Erwandy bin Hj Raya of the Bruneian Armed Forces.


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This course lasted for 24 weeks, and the students learnt how to safely identify, handle, repair, store, manage, and dispose of munitions and explosive nature. They know have the knowledge, skills, and practice to safely undertake the duties of an Ammunition Technician.


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This International Ammunition Technician course is a 24-week programme which reflects the UK MOD training course but has been upgraded to meet the exacting requirements of the UK National Occupational Standards for Explosives and Search occupation. The standard of the student completing the training mirrors that achieved by the UK MOD for its own Ammunition Technicians.


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Throughout the last six months, our staff made sure that the students felt at ease at our training facility. With home-made Bruneian dishes, Eid celebrations in Bloxham and a trip to Berkshire for clay pigeon shooting at the Royal Berkshire College, the students certainly enjoyed their time with us.  Additionally, we would like to commend them for their professionalism, diligence and hard work.  We wish them the best of luck in their careers and look forward to delivering more courses for the Bruneian Armed Forces. 

To find out more about the pre-attendance requirements, course content and outcomes, please email us at or call 01295 981 550



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