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Submitted by Anonymous on Thursday, 7th July 2016

The continual increase of incidents involving the use of explosives in the world by criminals, terrorists and saboteurs causing death, injury and damage to property, reiterates the need for operational readiness and ability to respond to such events.

As part of this preparation of readiness, ISSEE is regularly approached to complete assessments of preparedness for breeches of security and to design and deliver subsequent preventive programmes. Our speciality is Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security, but we can and do provide consultancy to support other threats to business continuity for defence or commercial ammunition & explosives manufacturing, storage and transportation operations.

Conducting a Homeland Security based study like this involves looking at the threat to Public Security, Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) Metrics and Strategies, and the status of operational management, processes and practices. The goal of a Scoping Study is to highlight the actions required to ensure a sustainable, resilient response to incidents. This will include understanding the current volume of work of the workforce, the status of the available equipment and the skills and training needs required to provide such a response.

For example, all first responders are exposed to, and frequently are the target of explosive devices and require a basic understanding of safety actions at incidents involving such devices.  Training in arrival drills and Incident Management, incorporating formal risk and threat assessments are some of the subjects proven to be beneficial to first responders dealing with explosive devices.

Furthermore, actions by first responders on the discovery of explosive substances and materials, particularly those that are improvised or homemade, can be developed around safety and awareness, whilst maintaining public safety, integrity of evidence and the protection of Intelligence.

For commercial business continuity and duty of care assessments, ISSEE’s scoping studies will focus on the safety, compliance and competency of the operation and tasks being carried out. These will normally be assessed against the UK National Occupational Standards as well as the experience of our consultants which stretches across many years of hard won experience, learning and as instructors.

The outcome of a Scoping Study will enable the customer to prioritise actions and spend, to ensure a programme for operational readiness is implemented according to needs and budget.

ISSEE is proud to have been able to advise a number of UK, European and Middle Eastern clients over the years, allowing them to be ready to deal with Terrorist attacks, reducing injuries, damage and deaths.

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