Graduates from our recent International Ammunition Technican Course

Submitted by Aasum Hussain on Thursday, 12th May 2022
IAT students

We recently had three students from the UAE Military graduate on our flagship International Ammunition Technician course. This course lasted for 24 weeks, and the students learnt how to safely identify, handle, repair, store, manage and dispose of munitions and explosive nature. They know have the knowledge, skills, and practice to safely undertake the duties of an Ammunition Technician.

This International Ammunition Technician course is a 24-week programme which reflects the UK MOD training course but has been upgraded to meet the exacting requirements of the UK National Occupational Standards for Explosives and Search occupations. 

The standard of the student completing the training mirrors that achieved by the UK MOD for its own Ammunition Technicians.

To read more about the pre-attendance requirements, course content and outcomes see here.


IAT students


IAT students

IAT students

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