ISSEE is Awarded Cyber Essentials Certification

Submitted by Dan Editor on Monday, 10th June 2019
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Cyber EssentialsISSEE takes every aspect of security seriously and, with so much of our lives and business now taking place online, cyber-crime is an ever-growing concern for companies across the globe. The recent addition of the Cyber Essentials certification is the latest measure ISSEE has taken to protect the data security of its clients and employees.

The Cyber Essentials certification, run by the National Cyber Security Centre, is an initiative produced by a collaboration between government and industry to help UK organisations improve their cyber defences and demonstrate their commitment to cyber security. 

The Cyber Essentials scheme addresses the most common internet-based threats to cyber security, including hacking, phishing and password guessing, focusing on preventing attacks that use widely available tools and demand little skill. 

The scheme also helps organisations to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data stored on every device. 

Learn more about the Cyber Essentials scheme on their website.

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