ISSEE partners up with Amba Defence to deliver product focused training

Submitted by Anonymous on Thursday, 5th November 2015

ISSEE‘s partnership with Amba Defence enables the delivery of  product focused training, consultancy and state-of-the-art technology across all aspects of explosives management, detection and risk.

Amba Defence is an interdisciplinary security and defence organisation, based in the Cotswolds, UK. They have a global client base and a commitment to fostering British innovation and know-how. Their services are organised into four disciplines: Consulting, Projects, Technology & Control.

Shires Crichton, CEO at Amba Defence says about the partnership: “When your security relies on technology, it’s vital you can use that technology to its fullest.

“It’s an exciting development for Amba to work alongside ISSEE, world-leaders in Homeland Security solutions, to form a strategic partnership that connects advanced defence equipment with the people who count on it every day.

“Together we have established an operational training capability to ensure operators of sophisticated technology, like the Manta Under Vehicle Inspection System, are prepared for all the scenarios they might encounter while using it.”

High-level security technology and the training of security teams in its use creates a clear synergy between Amba and ISSEE. Amba’s detection technology is for instance integrated into many of the world-class training programmes we offer.

In addition to delivering its own highly sought after Counter Terrorism consultancy & training, ISSEE will also deliver training in-country or at its own extensive training facilities into the effective use of Amba’s Manta Under Vehicle Inspection System. Manta uses cutting edge imaging technology to quickly and accurately identify suspect objects attached to the underside of vehicles. It is currently used to protect embassies, oil & gas facilities and critical infrastructure across the Middle East and Africa, as well as extensively by Her Majesty’s Prison Service in the UK.

Gordon Storey, ISSEE’s CEO comments: “This is one of those really common sense partnerships which enables our customers to receive high quality, relevant training in the technical use and operation of advanced security equipment without separate contracts or conflicting advice.  Combining ISSEE’s world-wide reputation with Amba’s sought-after advanced security equipment will deliver an unparalleled service to our customers operational needs; generating immediate and effective capability”  

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