Local MP Victoria Prentis welcomes ISSEE to Bloxham

Submitted by Dan Editor on Tuesday, 28th January 2020
Victoria Prentis MP meets Gordon Storey CEO at ISSEE in Bloxham

Victoria Prentis, the recently re-elected MP for Banbury and North Oxfordshire, enjoyed a tour around ISSEE on Friday 25th January 2020, welcoming the company to Bloxham after its offices and teaching facilities relocated to Bloxham Mill at the end of 2019.

Victoria was welcomed by ISSEE’s committed team of instructors and support staff at the new location, and she was impressed by the contemporary, accessible new facilities that comprise ISSEE’s classrooms, exhibition rooms, refectory, breakout areas and offices.

Victoria met students from Brunei and Barbados attending ISSEE’s flagship International Ammunition Technician course, an advanced 24-week programme taught by experienced ex-British Army Ammunition Technicians who are also accomplished instructors in the army and police. The demanding training teaches the participants to be able to safely identify, handle, store, transport, repair, manage and dispose of munitions and explosive natures.

Local MP Victoria Prentis meets students from Brunei and Barbados at ISSEE

Victoria Prentis, MP for for Banbury and North Oxfordshire, said:

"Last week I was lucky enough to join Gordon’s amazing team at ISSEE, at Bloxham Mill. This one-of-a-kind organisation is made up of specialist staff and committed students. The bright, airy building is home to over 20 employees; together, this centre is responsible for first-class training, including explosives and security consultancy and advisory services. All of which aid national and international defence, which we are all thankful for. The team’s undeniable chemistry and work ethic make for a positive and welcoming environment that I am delighted have joined us in North Oxfordshire."

Gordon Storey, CEO of ISSEE, said:

“We were very pleased to welcome our MP, Victoria Prentis, to ISSEE and to brief her on our work helping to save lives and to make the world a safer place.  Moving into our new facilities in Bloxham, in this our 20th anniversary year, is an exciting time for our business and I am sure Victoria’s constituents will welcome the positive impact ISSEE will make to the local economy.”

ISSEE is a world-class leader providing explosives & security consultancy and advisory services to national and international Defence, Police and Commercial organizations. Over the past 20 years, ISSEE have become recognised for offering accredited, reliable and trusted solutions to counter terrorism, improve security, protect infrastructure and manage explosives and ammunition safely.

To find out more about ISSEE visit www.issee.co.uk call +44 (0)1295 981550 or email admin@issee.co.uk.

Local MP Victoria Prentis talks to CEO Gordon Storey in the exhibition room at ISSEE

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ISSEE is a world-class provider of security and explosives consultancy and training to national and international defence, police, INGOs and commercial organisations.

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