Logistic Management courses are approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management

Submitted by Dan Editor on Wednesday, 13th November 2019
ISSEE is an Institute of Leadership and Management approved training centre

ISSEE’s latest qualifications have been approved as meeting the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Standard.

The Logistic Management programme has been recognised as a pathway grading to Associate Membership with the Institute of Leadership & Management on completion, providing learners with professional recognition related to their leadership learning and an ongoing commitment to continue to develop as effective leaders and to inspire others to achieve excellence. 

ISSEE recently started offering students from military, police and civil agencies the opportunity to study for qualifications in Logistic Management with a range of courses aligned to UK MOD standards, drawing on the lessons identified in over 50 years of operationally focused military logistic experience. 

Whether it’s basic warehouse management or more complex logistic operational design ISSEE draws on former military instructors who passionately believe in achieving desired outcomes consistently going the extra mile to ensure students' understanding.  

ISSEE is also offering Logistic Consultancy and Delivery. We provide a team of supply chain and facilities management experts that can be seconded to an organisation to help seek improvement, drive change or provide tailored temporary subject matter expertise. Or for those looking for expeditionary capability, ISSEE can help from the provision of Logistic Planning Teams (LPTs), Logistic Activation Parties (LAPs) or the provision of full spectrum Logistic Support Solutions to remote, austere locations.  

Our experienced team have delivered globally including Afghanistan, Somalia, Chad, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Nigeria, Liberia and Lebanon.  

“It’s a hugely positive step to receive recognition from the ILM for our new logistics offer. It inspires confidence to those considering working with ISSEE that they can come here for recognised, accredited training, no matter what the subject matter.” 
David Maxwell, Head of Logistics at ISSEE 

The ILM is Europe’s largest independent organisation, and UK’s premier management organisation, focused on leadership and management development. Its goals are to improve the leadership skills and success levels of more than 95,000 managers each year. Approval from the Institute means that the programme has been recognised as supporting improved leadership practice and the programme content, learning materials and approaches have been assessed to be current, relevant and of a high quality, supporting and attracting the diverse needs of learners. 

If you are interested in applying for one of ISSEE’s world-class, academically recognised training courses contact admin@issee.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1295 981550.   

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