The Qatar Embassy commends ISSEE’s new International Ammunition Technician course

Submitted by Dan Editor on Wednesday, 13th February 2019
A presentation plaque from the Qatar Armed Forces Defense Attache at the ISSEE training centre

A group of Qatar Embassy officials granted a presentation plaque to the ISSEE team to show their approval of the new International Ammunition Technician course. 

In January 2019 the representatives from Qatar visited the ISSEE training centre in Oxfordshire to meet the group of students who are the first undertake the new International Ammunition Technician course, a much anticipated advanced 24-week programme taught by experienced ex-British Army Ammunition Technicians who are also accomplished instructors in the army and police.  

Over the course of their training, the participants have been learning how to safely identify, handle, repair, store, transport, manage, use and dispose of munitions and explosive natures. 

The Qatar Officials presented the students with their SQA Level 6 Certificate in Explosives & Munitions Technology (Part 1) (Credit rating 12), which recognises their skills in areas including fundamental principles and chemistry of explosive science, technology and munition design. 

By completing the course participants will attain a high standard of training which parallels that achieved by the UK MOD for its own Ammunition Technicians, ultimately working towards the SQA Level 8 Diploma in Applied Explosives & Munitions Technology (Credit Rating 85). 

ISSEE’s unique partnership with SQA allows explosives workers to gain academically accredited qualifications, meaning that training is delivered to the internationally recognised UK National Occupational Standards for Explosives Substances and Articles (NOS ESA). 

The students have since gone on to complete SQA Level 7 Certificate in Explosives & Munitions Technology (Part 2) (Credit Rating 26), completing two sections of the 6-month training package with the further three sections still to complete to achieve the SQA Level 8 Diploma in Applied Explosives & Munitions Technology (Credit Rating 85). 

The remaining sections to complete are:  

  • SQA Level 8 Diploma in Storage & Transport (Credit Rating 15) 

  • SQA Level 8 Diploma in Maintenance & Processing (Credit Rating 16)  

  • SQA Level 8 Diploma in Disposal (Credit Rating 16) 

If you are interested in applying for one of ISSEE’s world-class, academically recognised training courses contact or call +44 (0) 1295 981550.  

Click here for more information about International Ammunition Technician training.

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