Terrorism is designed to strike fear into the hearts and minds of the population.

Submitted by Anonymous on Sunday, 27th September 2015

There have been noteworthy examples in the past using planes, trains and buses to target large numbers of the public.  This will continue and attacks will vary from the simple to the very complex. Governments responsible for protecting their Nation find that the requirement to provide highly trained responders, capable of dealing with the full terrorist arsenal without excessive disruption to daily activity or damage to property, becomes more and more expensive and time consuming. Maintaining skills acquired during training is equally as important and a challenge, particularly during periods of inactivity.

A sound counter terrorism development philosophy is based on the overarching strategic aim of building long-term sustainable capability within an organisation or nation.  Underpinning this, the current indigenous capability often requires a transformational process to deliver a revised, increasingly effective response.

A fully capable counter terrorism training and services provider must be able to deliver all these disciplines with confidence and credibility.  ISSEE is a world class capability development provider. Its experience of designing and operating intelligence-led databases, investigating explosives and ammunition incidents and its partnerships with Portsmouth University’s forensics department, and several valued equipment providers, add significantly to its training capability. ISSEE continues to grow exponentially at its new Oxfordshire location. It delivers an expanded portfolio of training courses, seminars and conferences using staff predominantly drawn from the UK MOD and the UK Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism arena. All have extensive experience of operations in urban and rural areas, cities and transport infrastructure. The ISSEE pool of expertise is rightly considered to be second to none.

Many commercial organisations claim world-class status delivering training and services to Governments. ISSEE makes that claim and will back it up through external verification and accreditation of its training by respected third party qualification awarding bodies. Its training is measured against the UK National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Explosives and Search Occupations.  As a member of the both the UK Standards Setting Board for the NOS and the Institute of Explosives Engineers, ISSEE is an ideal choice of a Capability Development partner who can be trusted to provide the solution or service to meet the most demanding threat.

Article published in Counter Terror Business, edition 22. Summer 2015http://issuu.com/psi-media/docs/ctb22/58

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