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Submitted by Daniel Johnson on Wednesday, 10th June 2020

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to update all our customers, friends and well-wishers on how ISSEE continues to operate during these challenging times.

As I wrote in my last report, we were forced to close our training facilities and our staff have worked from home as advised by the UK Government. This also meant that our students attending the International Ammunition Technician’s course were also confined, in isolation, to their accommodation.

With a determined combination of innovative thought, willingness, and attention to every safety concern of both staff and students, we have been able to continue the course syllabus through a variety of online systems, social media and webinars. From mid May, we made arrangements for the course to return to classroom teaching and we successfully incorporated onsite practical training. This move was essential, not just for learning integrity but to improve the mental wellbeing of the students and our staff too. Again, with a combination of careful planning and the welcomed, measured withdrawal of some of the UK Government’s lockdown restrictions, we are now planning the final practical elements of this, our flagship 24 week long course. At the end of this article, I attach 2 testimonies from our students.

Safe Working

I have deliberately provided a quite detailed description of how we have maintained this course throughout ‘lockdown’ as it illustrates very clearly the care ISSEE takes of our students and staff, and, through this joint approach to meeting mandatory safety requirements, mental wellbeing and personal health concerns, we have developed a robust, sensible and fully tested Covid-19 - Safe Working Policy. This policy is adaptable to changes in the UK Government's advice and also any requirements placed upon us by either host nations accepting our instructors, or special demands placed upon us by our customers and students visiting us in UK.

Our non-furloughed staff continue to develop new business opportunities and welcome enquiries from our existing customers and new clients alike. Our time during this period of ‘lockdown’ has been spent wisely and we continue to develop new ideas as well as new ways of working.

These new ideas are coming to fruition and we will soon be publishing details of our new, exciting range of services: fully compatible with the ‘new ways of working’ demanded by the Covid-19 environment.

We set out to celebrate 2020 as our 20th Anniversary year. Of course, none of us knew the full effect this coronavirus would have on our celebrations or, indeed, the very survival of our business. We are determined to maintain our incredible business growth, our staff and the trust our customers place in us to deliver world-class, accredited training in ammunition management, explosives safety and counter terrorism. Our new product services will be testament to this determination.

To all our customers, students, agents and colleagues: thank you for your continued support and good wishes. We hope sincerely that you too, keep well and remain healthy.

– Gordon Storey, CEO

"As students at ISSEE we are glad to say we were well looked after no problem was left unfixed. The staff are exceedingly kind and helpful, they were always there to help with our needs. With the current situation with the corona virus (COVID 19), both students and ISSEE had never experience nothing like this before. The lockdown added some stress on the way of operating for ISSEE. Although this is the first time the company encounter something like this, they have done a remarkable job. They have put measures in place to ensure our safety, mental and comfort was kept to the best of their ability.

Online classes were setup so that we could continue our studies. Entertainment arrangements to keep us less bored as well, a fine way to ease the mind from all the studying and the unfortunate situation at hand. We were well looked after, constantly checking in on us making sure we were safe, comfortable and in good health. They did there best to make us feel home away from home. On behalf of ourselves and countries we say thank you to the ISSEE staff, for putting they best foot forward and making this opportunity possible with all the limitations beyond our control."

– From IAT student – Barbados Defence Force

"Prior the official announcement of the lockdown, ISSEE has already taken precautionary measures to prevent the infection of the virus. But as the day goes by and the situation getting worse, the first thing that we are worried about was our health and safety not only for us students but also the instructors and staff members. Secondly, we were also worried about the course being put on halt. However ISSEE managed to solve the issue by conducting lectures online in the comfort and safety of our own accommodation. Not only that we feel safe, it also assure us that the course will continue as planned and that we will not lose out on anything.

Our overall experience of doing classes online was extremely new as it is the first time for us. It was also the first time for ISSEE conducting a course online and I have to say that It was executed successfully. Not a single lesson was missed and everything was going smoothly as per schedule. There were some minor setbacks specifically during the week when we had to do a presentation project as part of our assessment. For us that part was unconventional as we have never done any presentation online but It did the job and the assessment was completed.

As students and customers of ISSEE, we are really grateful that ISSEE took care of us and being thousands of miles away from home, it really does ease everything during the lockdown and make us feel like home. They were also more than kind enough to arrange entertainments for us just so that we would not get bored. We would really like to thank ISSEE management and staff for everything that they have done and we appreciate for making things possible despite the limitation during this unprecedented situation."

– From IAT Students – Royal Brunei Land Forces 

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