Is your place of work prepared for a terrorist attack?

Submitted by Anonymous on Thursday, 2nd February 2017

UK Government Organisation at ISSEE for IEDD and weapons effects awareness days

The threat of a significant terror attack on traditionally ‘soft targets’ is evermore present.  Terrorist attacks are no longer restricted to bombings of military/police facilities or attacks on security forces; news reports are just as likely to detail the horrific aftermath of a lone wolf attack in a shopping mall or a lorry being driven at speed into a crowded public space.  Once such an event takes place, the very threat of a repeat event acts as an act of terror in itself – perpetuating the fear of going out to work using public transport or just socialising at a club or football match.  

The responsibility of reacting to an actual attack or threat lies, rightly, with the Police and Emergency services but in this period of heightened security it is also the responsibility of all of us to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious in order to prevent or deter an attack taking place.

ISSEE regularly host Counter Terrorism Briefing Days designed to introduce the latest research, practice and training methodologies to security managers, including those responsible for high-profile targets like arenas, sports stadia and concert venues.

At ISSEE we have developed a series of briefings and short courses to inform employees, contracted staff such as hotel cleaners, security staff and security managers about the current threat, how to recognise suspicious items and activities and how to report or manage suspected terrorist activity. 

These day briefings can be conducted at the workplace and on a rolling programme – serving a regular update and catch all for all employees.  The longer courses are usually at our training centre in Oxfordshire, where we look at types of attack, how to mitigate terrorist opportunities, security practice and experience the reality of explosives being detonated.

These courses and briefings are ideal for those responsible for the safety of public spaces and crowded venues.  ISSEE can also advise, design and deliver bespoke training courses for regular security staff and stewards to ensure access control and evacuation is managed safely in the event of a heightened threat or actual attack on such facilities such as clubs, stadia and transport hubsFor more information and details of our latest course information and course dates please contact us:

For more information and details of our latest course information and course dates please contact us:

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UK Government Organisation at ISSEE for IEDD and weapons effects awareness days

ISSEE has been working closely with a number of government and emergency services organisations to deliver explosives, IEDD and weapons effects awareness days. These briefings are held at our training facility in Oxfordshire and cover the different types of commercial explosives and ammunition, ‘home made’ a live demonstration of their effects, recognition of terrorist threats and types of IEDs.  This one day course is ideal for training and security managers seeking to add current and realistic training to their security training regimes.  Don’t just take our word for it though – this is from a UK Government organisation:

“We had a dilemma with the explosive element of the Aviation Security Liaison Officers (ASLO) programme in that we had to try and establish a venue that could cope with the type of training required and wasn’t at the other end of the country.  ISSEE are situated centrally, just over an hour away from Central London so that was good for the location.  What really struck us though were the facilities available. 

“There is a purpose built firing range and demonstration area (amongst many other facilities) which is absolutely ideal for what we were looking for.  The staff are all highly experienced in this field and brought together various examples of threats pertinent to the Aviation Industry in an informative and authoritative manner.  Shortly we will be attending our fourth demonstration and I would happily endorse ISSEE to other users”

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