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Submitted by Dan Editor on Wednesday, 18th March 2020
Glyn teaching an international course

Glyn Hannah - MIExpE MInstRE Eng Tech

Glyn brought his expertise to ISSEE as an instructor after a 25-year career spent within Search, IEDD and Conventional Munition Disposal. He's always the most cheerful member of the ISSEE office and he's an experienced and energetic teacher, having held a number of important training roles prior to joining ISSEE, including as an instructor at the British Army’s IEDD School as well as the senior soldier instructor at the British Army’s Search School. 

You might find Glyn teaching Improved Explosive Device Disposal, Explosive Ordnance Disposal or Search courses at ISSEE's training centre in Bloxham, when he's not delivering training abroad. We asked Glyn few questions for a recent article in the IExpE journal, to get to know him better...Glyn Hannah Search and Counter IED Training Instructor

Your age:



Instructor at ISSEE   

Current position:

Search, IEDD and EOD Instructor.

Responsibilities in job/work activities:

As a full time instructor, it’s my job to deliver the very best Search, IEDD and EOD lessons both in the UK and abroad that I can. I’m very lucky as I love teaching and get huge reward from it.

Why are you involved in IExpE?

On leaving the services two years ago I was advised it was a great umbrella and support network to have if heading into this industry.

What are the benefits for you of the IExpE?

It’s great to have the chance to network within the industry and meet people from other explosive backgrounds, as well as keeping up-to-date with current topics through the journal. Being a member has also meant gaining professional registration.

What alternative career might you have followed?

I initially went to college with a view to joining the police force but I left college at just 17 and couldn’t apply to Derbyshire police until I was 18 ½. I come from a rough mining town and there wasn’t much happening. It was the old man that helped me get out of there before I just ended up in trouble like so many of my school friends did.

Who do you most admire on the current world stage and why?

I think the Queen has been an amazing servant of the nation for so long. Yes, it’s been a privileged life she’s led but the scrutiny she’s been under for that many years and still doing her public duties well into her 90s, amazing. But I’m quite sporty in my personal life and I’m a big fan of Jessica Ennis-Hill, Sir Steve Redgrave and very recently Eluid Kipchoge. An amazing athlete and just so humble.

Who would you most like to meet from any century and why?

I think my sense of adventure would probably say someone like Captain Cook. The things he must have seen and the stories of adventure would have been second to none. And the books say he was modest and a fun character as well. He discovered Australia, sailed to all the continents and both poles, and he mapped and got to name half the world whilst doing so and all that in the 18th century.

What are your favourite activities/hobbies?

I still love running wherever I’m conducting training and I like to drag the family along to Park Run at the weekends. I mountain bike quite a lot and am a very keen 6 handicap golfer. But my true passion is travelling anywhere around the country to watch my beloved DCFC. In the summer I even travelled all the way up to Glasgow for a friendly … to watch us not even have a single shot at goal! Real commitment … unfortunately.

What is your ideal holiday?

I’ve been to Turkey for the last 3 years golfing with friends and families and love Belek. But we also now have JoJo in our lives, my wife’s new Ford Transit campervan, and as a family we love nothing more than clearing off at the weekends anywhere in the country with the bikes loaded up on the back. Preferably somewhere hilly with amazing views.

What is your favourite type of food?

A carvery or Chinese food.


This interview was first published in “Explosives Engineering”, published by The Institute of Explosives Engineers, December 2019. Find out more about signing up to the IExpE journal here.

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