ISSEE and T&L Canine Partner to Deliver Explosives Detection Dog Continuation Training

Submitted by Daniel Johnson on Thursday, 11th October 2018
Explosive detection dogs - TATP

ISSEE and T&L Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive Continuation Training (CT-EDD) package which provides Explosives Detection Dogs (EDD) and their Handlers with the opportunity to enhance existing skills to detect Military, Commercial and Home-Made Explosives (HME).  

In recent years the majority of IEDs deployed throughout UK and Europe have incorporated homemade energetic materials such as TATP in their construction both as initiators and main charges. For the first time, commercial Explosives Detection Dog Handlers will be able to train their dogs using live TATP and other homemade energetic compounds as well as work on bulk quantity of commercial and military grade explosives. 

Licenced by NASDU, this training is delivered at ISSEE’s bespoke training centre in Oxfordshire and is available to all registered Explosives Detection Dog Handlers and employers. 

The CT-EDD training includes a range of scenarios for dogs and their handlers to work with HME as well as large and small quantities of commercial and military grade explosives.  The course is designed to meet the current NASDU/BS one-day continuation certification requirement.  

T&L are specialists in providing a wide range of K9 solutions and provide teams for explosives and drugs detection as well as general purpose dogs within the UK, along with an SIA approved handler.  Already working within the parameters of conventional explosives, the addition of live and current HME scents to the dogs’ detection range will significantly enhance their ability to detect and prevent terrorist attacks in public spaces. 

"T&L Canine are extremely excited to be working in partnership with ISSEE to offer the EDD Teams working within the UK and Europe the opportunity to train on the HME's that form the current terrorist threat, our goal has always been to try and offer training that allows the teams to offer the best service to the public and clients they serve. This opportunity is unique in its nature and can only be beneficial in the fight against terror."
Leigh Mason, Director, T&L Canine. 

ISSEE is recognised as a world leader in the provision of Counter Terrorism Consultancy and Explosives Safety training across both government and commercial sectors.  By extending its service-offering to include CT training for Explosives Detection Dog, ISSEE is cementing its claim to be a ‘First Choice’ provider of proven and academically recognised security consultancy and services. 

This new relationship recognises that ISSEE seeks to continue to be the world’s leading provider of academically accredited training for Counter Terrorism, Explosives and Security training and this will be significantly enhanced by the quality of training and reputation provided by T&L Canine.  Two organisations with partnered values and ethics. 

"This new partnership is an exciting and important development. By widening the capability of specialised EDDs to detect a range of home-made explosives, more typical of the types of explosives used by terrorists, T&L and ISSEE are making a real contribution to the fight against terrorism. Combining T&L's proven reputation with ISSEE's internationally recognised training and facilities will deliver an unparalleled service to our customers' safety and operational needs." 
Gordon Storey, ISSEE's CEO 

To attend the next training day or receive information on training costs and dates please contact Emma Lush on or by telephone on 01304 202695. 

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