ISSEE Turns 20 Years Old

Submitted by Dan Editor on Wednesday, 8th January 2020
ISSEE turns twenty years old

ISSEE turns 20 years old this year. Since the year 2000, ISSEE has been a world-class leader providing explosives & security consultancy and advisory services to national and international Defence, Police and Commercial organizations.

Over the past 20 years, ISSEE has become recognised internationally for the design and delivery of solutions to generate and sustain capability, assess, coach and mentor newly qualified operators and provide whole-life munitions management services.

ISSEE was born from an idea planted by Alan Hatcher, our founder and first CEO.  His conversations with Alan Bates, our first (and current) Chairman led to the formation of the “International School for Security and Explosives Education” with a simple aim to deliver world class training in explosives safety and disposal. 

The ISSEE Chairman, Alan Bates, says:

"Little did I suspect that twenty years on from its early days in borrowed classrooms at the Salisbury Technical College, ISSEE would be relocating to its most impressive training facility yet. 2020 will be an exciting year, as we are offering a wider range of our traditional explosives, security and munition management training courses than ever, in addition to new training courses and services in logistic management. Being a part of ISSEE is something to be proud of and we invite you to celebrate this 20th anniversary year with us."

The company’s early years were spent around Wiltshire, utilizing Salisbury Technical College, Tidworth College and a repurposed RAF base at Chilmark.

Success and growth required another move to its current, large premises at Heythrop Park where ISSEE has developed many new products and services and delivered these across a far wider customer base.

ISSEE’s work has a positive effect on the lives of both our student delegates and on the lives of those who they work with.  This ranges from helping to make safe terrorist explosive devices, landmines and explosive remnants left in urban and rural areas as a consequence of war to ensuring that commercial and military explosives and stored and managed safely in peace time.  Success in these areas of work is hard to measure but we are judged by our many regular customers bringing repeat business over 20 years.

20 years on, ISSEE is still working to improve and grow.  In this, our 20th year of operation, we are launching new qualifications and consultancy services in Logistic Management, offering students from military, police and civil agencies a range of courses aligned to UK MOD standards. Whether it is basic warehouse management or more complex logistic operational design, ISSEE draws on former military instructors who passionately believe in achieving desired outcomes consistently going the extra mile to ensure students' understanding.

From its early beginnings in 2000, ISSEE has consistently delivered world class, accredited training and services.  It is proud to be First Choice for Security, Explosives Safety and Logistic Solutions: generating and sustaining capability for an ever-growing customer base. 

We hope that in the future we will continue to grow; to earn and retain the confidence and trust of new and regular customers and work together to Safeguard Lives, Property and Infrastructure for another 20 years. 

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ISSEE is a world-class provider of security and explosives consultancy and training to national and international defence, police, INGOs and commercial organisations.

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