National Occupational Standards

A database of National Occupational Standards (NOS) related to homeland security and explosives industry qualifications.

ESA NOS: Explosives Substances and Articles National Occupational Standards, including key roles 1 through 13.

This database is intended to describe the uses of NationalOccupational Standards – in this case, those describing competence in working with Explosive Substances and/or Articles (ESA). It grew out of an awareness that:

  • The measurement and assurance of competence is the norm in modern professions.
  • UK legislation and regulation increasingly require employers to demonstrate a commitment to quality and effectiveness of their workforces.
  • Activities with perceived health and safety and public safety risks will be subject to increasingly stringent monitoring and regulation.
  • The risk of losses and litigation renders inaction financially and morally unacceptable.
  • The ESA standards have been developed for the whole UK explosives industry (both civilian and military) by the Standards Setting Body for Explosives, Munitions and Search Occupations (SSB for EMSO).
  • These standards are based on the outcome of a methodical analysis of the roles and functions of people working within the industry.

ESA NOS By Key Role:

Key Role 1

Research Design & Development

Key Role 2

Safety Management

Key Role 3

Test & Evaluation (trials)

Key Role 4


Key Role 5


Key Role 6


Key Role 7


Key Role 8


Key Role 9


Key Role 10

Other Applications

Key Role 11


Key Role 12

Search & Clearance

Key Role 13