12.4 Provide advice on munition clearance and search-related matters

Key Role
Search & Clearance

This standard covers the competences you need to provide advice on munition clearance and search related matters in accordance with approved procedures and practices.

You will be required to demonstrate that you can establish accurately the nature of the advice needed. Giving advice that is accurate and factually correct within your level of competence and authority in accordance with approved procedures.

This activity is likely to be undertaken by someone whose work role involves Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions or Explosives work activities. This includes people working as munition clearance managers and supervisors.

Performance Criteria

P1 work safely at all times, complying with relevant health and safety, environmental and other regulations, legislation and guidelines
P2 establish the enquirer’s right to receive the advice and determine accurately the basis on which the advice is to be given
P3 establish accurately the nature of the advice needed
P4 give advice that is accurate and factually correct within your level of competence and authority
P5 present your advice clearly in a way that your audience can readily understand and check that they have understood
P6 carry out research when necessary to enable you to provide the information or advice

Knowledge and Understanding

K1 the health, safety and environmental and other statutory legislation, regulations and safe working practices and procedures and their implications for your area of work
K2 the relevance of personal protective equipment (PPE)
K3 the actions to be taken in response to an unplanned event
K4 customer needs and how they may use the information
K5 sources of information and how to access them
K6 when and why it is important to ensure that your advice is consistent with other collaborating organizations qualified to give such advice
K7 the most appropriate format for giving advice
K8 operational requirements and organizational procedures
K9 your own level of authority in releasing advice
K10 to whom to refer enquirers if the request is beyond your level of responsibility or expertise

Scope and Range

Those who are authorized to receive advice; those who are not authorized