4.2 Contribute to the validation and optimization of new or modified explosives processes and equipment

Key Role

This standard comprises the following elements:

1. Validate new or modified explosives processes and equipment.
2. Optimize new or modified explosives processes and equipment.

This activity is likely to be undertaken by someone whose work role involves Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions or Explosives work activities. This includes those working as manufacturing managers and supervisors and storage supervisors.

Performance Criteria

1. Validate new or modified explosives processes and equipment
P1 work safely at all times, complying with health and safety, environmental and other relevant regulations, legislation and guidelines
P2 confirm that you have the correct operating instructions
P3 ensure that the operating parameters are established
P4 confirm that the equipment to be used is in a safe and functional condition
P5 confirm the suitability of the equipment for the process
P6 deal promptly with any problems that arise, reporting any that you cannot solve and/or are not your responsibility
P7 complete the validation within the required constraints
P8 complete correctly the required documentation
P9 maintain the requirements of confidentiality at all times

Knowledge and Understanding

1. Validate new or modified explosives processes and equipment
K1 the health, safety and environmental and other statutory legislation, regulations and safe working practices and procedures governing explosives and their implications for your area of work
K2 the relevance of personal protective equipment (PPE)
K3 the nature, characteristics, hazards and risks of the explosive substance and/or article
K4 the actions to be taken in response to an unplanned event
K5 work area hazards
K6 the requirements of the processing plan for the validation, and any specific security
K7 the relevance and importance of monitoring process conditions
K8 the importance of critical operating parameters
K9 the functions and uses of the different types of equipment used in the operation and how to confirm the status of equipment
K10 the corrective action to take on discovering defective conditions, materials and/or equipment
K11 problem solving techniques
K12 reporting lines and procedures
K13 the requirements of documentation

Scope and Range

1. Explosive environments: low negative consequence; high negative consequence
2. Constraints: safety; cost; quality; yield
3. Optimization relating to: safety; cost; quality; yield
4. Evaluation against: performance norms; performance targets; historical performance