6.5 Provide explosives-related technical input to assist in identifying potential suppliers and/or articles

Key Role

This standard comprises the following elements:

1 Compile technical information for the explosive substances and/or articles requirement
2 Assess the capability of potential explosive substances and/or articles suppliers, and/or articles to be supplied

This activity is likely to be undertaken by someone whose work role involves Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions or Explosives work activities. This includes people working as procurement supervisors

Performance Criteria

1 Compile technical information for the explosive substances and/or articles
P1 work safely at all times, complying with health and safety, environmental and other relevant regulations, legislation and guidelines
P2 confirm the parameters within which you should operate
P3 obtain information about suppliers from valid and reliable sources in accordance with your organization’s policies
P4 collect explosives-related technical information to enable the optimum likely suppliers to be recommended
P5 compile the information within the timescale
P6 ensure that information is complete and accurate, progress-chasing if
necessary and qualifying any discrepancies to the customer’s satisfaction
P7 collate the documentation from other sources into the final technical dossier for your manager
P8 maintain the requirements of confidentiality at all times

Knowledge and Understanding

1 Compile technical information for the explosive substances and/or articles requirement
K1 the health, safety and environmental and other statutory legislation, regulations and safe working practices and procedures governing explosives and their implications for your area of work
K2 the relevance of personal protective equipment (PPE)
K3 the nature, characteristics, hazards and risks of the explosive substance and/or article
K4 the actions to be taken in response to an unplanned event
K5 the requirements of technical risk assessment and management for explosives within your area of responsibility
K6 your organization’s explosives procurement policies, procedures and standards
K7 the current and likely future needs of your customers and stakeholders
K8 the requirements of the sifting criteria
K9 the requirements for packaging, handling, storage and transport
K10 the information needed to compile the final technical dossier
K11 the advantages and disadvantages of the different sources of information on potential suppliers
K12 the requirements of security and confidentiality
K13 the requirements of your organization’s codes of conduct
K14 your level of authority

Scope and Range

1 Suppliers: new; existing
2 Information: samples; product information; supplier information; references
3 Suppliers: new; existing