Management Skills Training

Leadership and Management training is the key to developing the skills and capabilities that every organisation needs to be successful.

Do you find yourself attending meetings that are a waste of your time? Have you had coaching conversations that didn’t seem to go anywhere? Or coaching that didn’t make a significant impact? Do you sometimes feel that training doesn’t fully meet the needs of your business?

ISSEE offers a series of workshop sessions developed by training partners with over sixteen years of UK and international experience of coaching and training directors, managers and team leaders.

We provide meaningful workshops that have been developed to cover a wide range of communication, strategy and problem-solving skills. These cover a wide range of subjects that are designed to give you ‘light-bulb moments’ alongside sustainable solutions that you can take back into your organisation with you, whether that means leading more productive meetings, having challenging conversations or being able to apply creative thinking techniques to find solutions.

Sessions vary from half-day to two-day workshops and are delivered at The Hub at ISSEE’s contemporary, accessible facilities in Bloxham, Oxfordshire.